2017 Intentions Community – Welcome to the Healing Vortex!

imageThere’s an amazing amount of energy and power that continues to build in our 2017 Manifesting Vortex. Every one of you that has signed up for this powerful program is receiving a constant transmission of manifesting energy. Your job is to maintain your focus, allow and receive your intentions.

When any of your intentions start to manifest, it’s very powerful to share that with the group. It further inspires and motivates everyone, and accelerates the manifesting energy.

Be willing to be surprised, and shift and glide through whatever is presented. Have fun, keep your sense of humor, and stay on the high beam of love, gratitude and appreciation.

I’ve created this dedicated web page for you to communicate your experiences, ask questions, and get support and share with this amazing community of spiritually like-minded people that are walking their path on this planet.

As your intentions are constantly being energized under the spiritual power of my 16th Century healing Buddha in the healing room (pictured above), you’ll also get the moment by moment support of creating a New Reality and going past old belief systems and limitations and blocks that were your limited reality in the past.

I’ll be checking this page regularly, so feel free to leave any questions you have and connect with others in our 2017 Intentions Community, as we all live in this powerful manifesting Vortex of energy in 2017!

  1. Hi Aleta- my intentions already feel very powerful, and are giving me a charge and energy at the start of the day- I’m FEELING them now as already done, and it feels good..will keep you posted of course!

  2. I listen to my intentions in the morning. It is so healing and motivating to hear your voice every morning to remind me what I want to accomplish this year and in my life in general.

    • So many people have told me that! That warms my heart because when I record your intentions I am transmitting the powerful manifesting healing energy that I channel and seeing everything happening as you wish.

  3. Love and courage to us all

  4. Whenever i feel slightly off track, I give my intentions one quick listen, and I remember again, i always have headphones with me and it works well for me… anyone else do this?

    • This is exactly the support you need to give yourself. Bring your headphones, listen to your intentions and get back on track. We are all busy of course but this will be Quick Shift to a positive, creative state of mind!

  5. I will be checking in often to answer any of your questions, give you ground support and cheer you on! Sharing your wings with others further supports your belief that miracles can happen – and do!

  6. My rheumatologist is puzzled while the chiropractor is not as surprised, lol, by how rapidly the bruises covering my back after a 25′ fall down a staircase 10 days ago are healing after this week’s session with Alexa 😉

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