Aleta on Agelessness — at ANY Age!

UPDATED Feb. 22 (with Special Audio Preview of Be Ageless! below – FULL audio program now available in Aleta’s store)

Though my ‘down time’ is limited these days, due to spending the majority of my time running a bustling private energy healing practice and chasing after 7-year-old twins, I managed to catch a glimpse of the recent Golden Globe awards on television.

I couldn’t help but notice the high-profile actresses of my generation – such asMeryl Streep, Jane Fonda, and Helen Mirren – who remain so vital and stunning well into their 60s.

 I found myself shouting out, “Yes, we can!” I know many of you have heard me talk so passionately about my belief in ‘winding up, not down’ at any age, and this just confirmed what I already knew to be true.

Later, I saw this Facebook post from the amazing Christiane Northrup, who I totally love and respect (she wrote a wonderful blurb on the back cover of my book, Life Shift), also marveling at these wonderful role models and actresses, and it further validated what I know and live by. Christiane wrote:

“I predict that were going to see more of this kind of midlife beauty, health and talent in the media in the years to come. Remember, each of us is profoundly affected, body, mind, and spirit by what we believe is possible for us. And these women are just plain inspiring!!”

Are they ever! I know what it’s like to be in the spotlight due to age. When I had my twins (Francesca and Gian, pictured with me above) at age 57, there was a media frenzy that saw me interviewed by the likes of Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and many other high profile reporters. Becoming a mother in my later 50s became both a celebration and controversy, but in my mind, being a mother was my destiny, and age had nothing to do with it.

My grandmother had my mother at age 54, so I had no mental prejudice at all about the limitations of age. That’s why I’m so excited and passionate about my focus on inspiring and teaching agelessness at any age, as a way of life. It’s not enough to just think young and act young, it’s about encompassing the mind, body and spirit in the ‘winding up, not down’ process.

The truth is, at 64, I have as much energy as ever, but I have to really take care of my nutrition, release stress, and connect into my spiritual meditations, to revitalize myself, more than ever. Agelessness is a way of life that requires all dimensions of ourselves working in concert with each other.

I know staying young is a daunting task against the backdrop of this youth-obsessed society (where 30 is often viewed as a time for mandatory hip replacement!). That’s why I am developing a whole series of audio meditations to support your efforts (watch for an announcement soon– in the meantime, listen to the free SAMPLE of Be Ageless! Affirmations, below), and create a major shift in global ideas about aging.

Now it’s your turn. What helps you feel ageless? Is it a romantic night with your partner? A great workout? Meditation? Or something else? Let’s share our ideas with each other, and begin the process of focusing on our agelessness, energetic selves, as our real selves.

Agelessness is one of my major themes for 2012, and beyond, so let’s get started!



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