Spiritual Suite – John of God Crystal Healing Bed


Aleta St. James invites you to experience the amazing healing powers of the John of God Crystal Healing Bed, which balances the chakras the greatly enhance and accelerate your ability to experience more joy, love, and success in your life. Aleta was blessed have experienced its impact during her time working with the renowned John of God (João Teixeira), one of the most powerful mediums and healers in the world. This Crystal Healing Bed comes directly from John of God’s Casa in Abadiânia, Brazil.

During your 20- or 40-minute session, you’re bathed in the lights of 7 regenerative colored quartz crystals that clean and strengthen your chakras, the sounds of Aleta’s powerful chakra meditations, and the scent of soothing aromatherapy. It’s a combined experience like no other and unique to Aleta St. James. The more you balance your chakras, the more your body is able to align and heal at a deep cellular level.

$45 –  20 minute session

$85 — 40 minute session

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What Are Chakras?

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How It Works

A session under the Crystal Chakra Healing Lights will penetrate each chakra in its corresponding color frequency. As the color’s energetic healing vibration is transmitted through the crystal into your chakra, blocked energy is released and each center opens to vibrate at its highest potential.

You will feel a deep sense of relaxation, which promotes overall healing. When your chakras are balanced you are able to align and focus your energy to create positive results your life – magnetically attracting more love, financial freedom, success and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Come and experience this wonderful transformational healing energy and enter into a realm where you will begin to feel that all things are possible!

WHY do your Chakras need to be in balance?

Balancing your chakras is crucial when you’re looking to live in the Field of Love (and tap into unlimited possibilities) on a daily basis. This balance helps you focus on love, abundance, limitless potential and your ability to manifest. The peace, calm and love that results when your chakras are balanced makes all things possible, because you’re able to live and access your spiritual energy in physical form. Chakras that are out of balance also create stress in the body, which can compromise your health.

The Aleta St. James Chakra Balancing Experience is a multi-faceted healing journey. In addition to getting the healing energy direct from the chakra bed, your healing experience is super-charged via Aleta’s guided chakra-healing meditations.  The combination of the chakra healing bed, guided meditation, and energy vortex in Aleta’s healing suite creates a powerful healing experience.

The Crystal Chakra Healing Lights is a phenomenal healing support to Aleta’s work, or on its own for quick recharge and energy alignment.

Aleta personally discovered its extraordinary powers through her healing journeys to work with the renowned John of God in Brazil. This bed is direct from his casa. Aleta is now offering New York City a rare chance to experience its powerful healing energy.

Each session is 20 minutes, and you can schedule up to three sessions in one day. You can schedule these after a private session with Aleta, or on their own. Under the lights, you can further extend and integrate the effects of Aleta’s Private Sessions as this experience helps your chakras heal at a deep cellular level.

You can choose from a menu of personalized aromatherapy and Aleta’s vibrational healing meditations on relationships, financial abundance, physical healing or simply de-stressing from daily life—the selection is up to you.

What Aleta’s Clients are Saying

“My experience with Aleta has always been extraordinary, but working with her while I’m under the Crystal Healing Bed has made the sessions ten times more powerful. It’s hard to believe, but the Crystal Healing Bed brings sessions to the next level.” 

 — Rob Hansen, fashion designer

“I’ve worked with Aleta for many years, and working with her and the crystal healing bed has completely accelerated the healing process. One long-term issue I’ve had was shifted, and now it’s just completely gone. It’s astonishing.” 

— Caroline Nation, nutritionist

“The amazing shifts I get from Aleta St. James in conjunction with her divine Crystal Healing Bed blow me away every time!” 

— Mary Margrill, celebrity jewelry designer