Life Shift Tools: The Healing Drum

In the second in a series of blogs, I’ll continue answering all your questions about my Life Shift energy healing session with  Sonja Morgan during a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of New York City.”  I’ve recently talked about the Tibetan bells, now let’s turn to another essential part of a Life Shift session.

The Healing Drum on 'Real Housewives of NYC'The Healing Drum: The sound and vibration of this healing drum move energy in profound, miraculous ways. I was given this healing drum some 25 years ago, by a dear friend of mine who was guided to bring the drum from Sedona, Arizona, back to New York for me to use in my work.

I immediately took to it, like the former rock band singer I once was. At first, I used it in my own sacred journeys/seminars throughout the world. But when I got home, I would tuck it away in my closet for safe keeping, until my next journey. About 10 years ago, I was guided to begin using this powerful drumming vibration in my private sessions. Like the Tibetan bells, this has a special place in my work.

The rhythm of my drumming is channeled according to the person’s unique needs. When the energy is still blocked, my drumming is slower and heavier sounding. Once the block begins to release, and the person’s frequency goes faster, so does my drumming. I am tuning into their energy, and inspired to drum accordingly. The energy and rhythm takes over my body, and I just go with the impulse. Drumming can last from several minutes to longer, depending upon how deep the energetic blocks are. The vibration literally travels through your body like a wave, and penetrates and moves energy at a cellular level. This is what transforms people.

The power of the vibration of the drum transcends physical location. I drum like a madwoman with clients all over the world, and the power is equally strong in person, on the phone or via Skype. It’s a truly astonishing healing experience, whether you’re face to face with me or a world away.

Have you experienced this amazing energy of the healing drum yet? What was your experience like? Share your comments and post your questions below, I’ll be checking back and posting answers.

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