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3fd2fc02-b3c5-4f09-8faf-1ee469134480Share your thoughts, questions and insights in the ‘Comments” section below, and interact with me and other Life Shifters working on this intensive!

How is everyone doing with the first meditation?

I’ve been getting so much incredible feedback from you on the first energy meditation! The “I am” consciousness is being anchored into your physical being, and activated inside of you, as you work with this powerful meditation more and more. For now, I want you to continue working with the ‘Quick Shift’ version, to continue releasing any negative belief systems around what you CAN have, in terms of your finances, relationships, and purpose.

Do this meditation as often as you can, especially right when you wake up in the morning, and before you fall asleep at night.The second energy meditation will be channeling in soon, so until then, I’d like to encourage you to go to the Living From Elevated Consciousness community page, where you can post thoughts, questions, and share your experience with everyone else.

I’ll be in touch with you soon.

My Love and Blessings,


  1. So excited for this one. It’s like amping up for the end of the year instead of winding down. thanks Aleta!

  2. Thank you Aleta! Living From Elevated Consciousness came to me just in time and is helping me to shift and clear a lot of things that have built up and held me back over the past year. Your work is that of blessings and miracles, as always!

  3. After years of meditation I am so delighted to discover how quickly this meditation takes me into a very high state. It’s incredibly efficient for my daily meditation practice! And I have noticed my awareness moving toward more gratitude and recognition of the miracles (large and small) coming into my life. Thanks for this Aleta, I love it!!

  4. Just listened to the second meditation, its so good, and even hearing the words ‘elevated consciousness’ helps me to shift up into this feel good space/energy…

  5. It’s interesting how I am bringing in so many good and also challenging things. It seems I’m bringing people into my life that I’ve been wanting to have there for years. But it also seems like my negative focus is not really believing it. I also havebeen experiencing some not great situations, nothing major but things that make you feel not cool and unwelcome. Trying to find the balance with my thoughts. So I can continue to bring in the great and release the old and negative.

  6. It’s exciting to read these posts on how these Life Shift intensives are benefiting so many lives – keep em coming, it inspires and gives me energy to keep creating!! I’d love to hear more specifics about what miracles and changes are happening in your lives (and also if you’re struggling with anything). You’re likely experiencing surprises coming in from left field, more synchronicity of events, magical things just showing up. You’ll find that the more you work with all of the meditations, and part 3 is coming out this week, you’ll become a manifestor of miracles, big and small. And if you have any specific questions, post them here and I’ll be checking in soon!

  7. wow, Im finding that part 3 REALLY gets to the foundation of this work, very vivid and full of clarity on how to connect with Elevated consciousness…doing it every day…

  8. Aleta I have been working with you and your intensives since 2010 and honestly I feel that this intensive was designed specifically for me. It resonates with me on so many levels I am truly grateful and appreciative the amount of time and energy you take in putting them together for all of us as well as the entire universe. Wishing you and yours all of the blessings of Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year.

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