Miracle Energy is NOT in Recession! VIDEO Meditation

The highest vibrational energy in the Universe—the miracle energy that transcends everything and knows only abundance, love, healing and manifestation of your heart’s desire—does NOT go up and down with the economy!

Miracles can still happen every day, and positive energy doesn’t go on vacation because the economy is in crisis. I promise you this is true!

As many of you know, I am definitely not the Patty Positive of self-help, floating through the air promising you the world if you say your affirmations. I’m a realist and I know we all are faced with obstacles and resistance in our lives, that will never change no matter how wonderful your life becomes. I should know. As a 61-year-old mother of miracle twins and tackling a very hectic private practice, I face them every day!

But I want to drive this message home today and forever because it’s the absolute truth: tough times may be all around us, but so is the miracle energy that helped Moses part the Red Sea or the firewalkers walk across red hot coals without feeling any pain. It’s absolutely essential to remember this, to live this, and practice it every moment of your lives.

Right now I want you to make the decision to believe in and create in your body the highest vibrational energy you can, feel it in every cell, claim it as yours, and see what happens!

But Aleta, you might be wondering, how can I access this energy when my bank balance is shrinking and I’m freaking out about the stock market? How can you avoid being drawn into the chat room of discontent, when the invitations are flooding your in-box, your workplace and your home every day?

As we speak, almost 100 people are participating in my latest Reboot Camp, Live Fearlessly and Have it All, sharing the amazing transformative energy via my weekly live meditations and support via my Reboot web site. This kind of “Dream Team” of support is crucial in navigating today’s stormy waters, so I encourage you to join our next reboot camp, read this blog regularly and stay connected via my Inspirations newsletter (sign up on my homepage)!

Below, I want to share my 6-minute video meditation, which will help you release fear (low vibrational energy) and step into that miracle energy that creates love, abundance, peace and joy no matter what’s going on around you. Take a break when you need it, tune in to the healing energy in this meditation, and tap into that miracle energy that’s behind the fear!

Feel free to email me with any questions or feedback, and if possible, I encourage you to join our Reboot Camp community, where so many people have been experiencing their own miracles with exciting new relationships, career breakthroughs, and other miracles, large and small.



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