Access the Transformative Healing Powers of the Lion’s Gate Portal!

You may be asking yourself, ‘Is this a Mercury Retrograde?”

Many people have asked me this lately. The planets are indeed dancing on everyone’s head at the moment, causing us to look at old patterns, belief systems, and emotional blocks that have created limitations. Let me explain exactly what’s going on:


 The Lion’s Gate portal (a doorway of accelerated awakening) is fully open on August 8th. Though things around you may have seemed chaotic of late, this new super charged meditation–The Lion’s Gate Trilogy DNA Activationwill help you to integrate this Star Gate energy and activate your DNA to its highest potential. Now you can make a quantum shift in your relationships, finances and career.

In this 3-meditation (30 minutes each) journey, I guide you through this Lion’s Gate portal, using the blue light/star of Sirus (an actual photograph from the Hubbell telescope of this star is above) which activates the ancient mystery codings of Egypt within your own DNA. It will awaken the highest level of your divine nature, where there is no limitation, total abundance and creativity.

As I channeled this meditation, I distinctly saw this blue light of Sirus and was transported into the ancient healing energies of the King’s Chamber inside the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Be prepared to activate your DNA to lift and enlghted your entire energy system, and activate these manifesting energies throughout every cell of your body!

Let me know how you are doing, and share your experiences here.


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  1. What’s the best way to unlock and achieve full dna energies

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