“Whenever I leave a session with Aleta, everyone on the street looks at me.  EVERY time, everyone.  I feel like they pick up on the light I am now filled with.  It’s not a physical thing.  It’s very rewarding.  I then feel like I’m sharing it with them.”

Chelsea Kane

“I’ve been having migraines 2-3 times a week for the past few months. After seeing Aleta, I haven’t had one for a week.”

Alisa Silverberg

“In the past, I would often dread talking to a therapist, but I never tire of talking with Aleta. Her energy and wisdom, combined with her unique blend of therapy, energy healing and life coaching, are transformative. So grateful a friend literally forced me to call her years ago. Thank you, Aleta!”

Leslie L.

“Aleta is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She is, in a word, magic. And is already bringing me happiness I didn’t think I could achieve.”

Christina Carathanassis, Founder of ChristaBellesCloset.com

“After every session with Aleta I come out feeling refreshed and creatively open to all new possibilities. She has opened doors for me to think expansively about business – not limiting myself — and a rush of new ideas and direction always come to me. I feel like I am using my mind on a much higher and broader level now, and it is improving my life in every way!”

Judy Goss - Founder/CEO, Over 40 Females

“Aleta is so incredible. She enabled me to connect with loved ones who had passed and transform and release old pain. The session with her was so powerful and transformative, and I am eternally grateful to have found Aleta.”

Nadine, New York, NY

“I never knew anything about energy healing before, but my private session with Aleta was a mind blowing, mind altering event!”

Penelope W. - Washington, D.C.

“After private sessions with Aleta, I always feel better physically and emotionally I find myself shifting. I have gone through tremendous change and I know my life now would not be the same if not for Aleta. My life is more about flow, and I experience what it’s like to receive love in many different ways. My life is richer than it has ever been.”

Wendy Rosen

Thank you for helping me get my power back. I’m feeling stronger, more centered and jubilant! It feels so good. The winds are changing.

Doris H.

I have seen many great healers in the past and Aleta is the real deal. I also love her guided meditations to keep ours souls strong and tuned in.
Through her strong and deep Intuition and Healing Gifts, Aleta has been able to guide me through my deepest healing journeys. Thanks you Aleta, you are amazing!

Catherine DalyClient

Aleta is a wonder-worker whose mission has aligned beautifully with my life goals. Working with Aleta has inspired me to confront challenges proactively while releasing old inhibitions and maintaining a positive outlook. By actively changing ingrained patterns, I have shifted to a place where I am now attracting opportunities.

C WongClient

I admire Aleta St. James enormously. I have been inspired by both her story and the principle that she teaches. Our work is aligned. It will change your life.

Dr. Wayne Dyerauthor of The Power of Intention and Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

In her inspiring book, Life Shift, Aleta St. James shows us that it’s possible to live our dreams at any age. And she also provides the operating instructions for making them a reality.

Christiane NorthrupMD, author of Mother-Daughter Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause

In her life and work, Aleta St. James inspires us to live our dreams and reminds us that there are no boundaries to desire.

Joan LundenTV journalist and author

Working with Aleta has brought me greater clarity and given my heart a language by seeing the light and turning it into words, the way a painter would. I’m a much happier person.

Lori Pettyactress, artist and clothing designer

Aleta St. James  has single-handedly enhanced every facet of my life. I am eternally grateful for her tireless energy and her boundless caring and compassion.

Tommy SavittComedian, Los Angeles, CA

I found working with Aleta a very healing experience. Her intuitive ability to access deep levels of consciousness is most remarkable. As a practicing psychologist, I consider Aleta St. James to be a master in her field.

Lisa RavitzPsychologist, San Francisco, CA

Aleta has opened doors for me that have been closed all my life. Because of Aleta, I am on my way to having everything I have ever wanted (and she is making it a ‘light-hearted’ process).

Norma MayPresident, Norma May International, New York, NY

Aleta St. James was miraculously successful in putting me in touch with hostilities I harbored as a child. As a result, my voice, which I had lost for a time, is coming back.

Billy GoldenbergComposer, Los Angeles, CA

Thank God for Aleta St. James. With Aleta’s help, I have been able to release old hurt, anger and patterns that have dominated my life. I am very grateful.

Hesper AndersonScreenwriter, Los Angeles, CA

By working through fear and limitation, Aleta’s work lets one truly adopt a view of abundance and possibility.

Caroline Stewart Nation Publisher, W Magazine, Europe

Aleta St. James and her works have put into balance forces in my life that I thought would never be balanced. She has made me less afraid to look at the darkness because she has shown me it is the way to the light.

Austin Pendleton

My work with Aleta has helped me to focus my energy, thus creating immediate movement and clarity in the areas of my life that were difficult to move through.

Taylor DaneSinger, New York, NY

Listening to Aleta’s tapes has taught me the importance of tranquility and serenity; taking time to find the peace within.

Carolyn MurphySupermodel

Aleta is one of the leading healers for the 21st Century. Experiencing her powerful Energy Transformation System is a must.

Dr. Frederick VagniniDirector of the New York Wellness Centers

Aleta’s endless care and energy amaze me. She has brought so much to my life, helping me to see and release the blocks that inevitably keep us from our life’s happiness….I’m realizing it all starts and ends with you.

Jennifer EspositoAward-winning actress, co-star of Samantha Who?