Take the Chakra Balance Challenge, and feel PHENOMENAL!

Want to feel better than you have in years? In just 15 minutes a day, for one week? Then take the Chakra Balance Challenge!

CHAKRA BALANCE LINED 1All you need is my Chakra Balance movement meditation (if you don’t have it, get it HERE), 15 minutes a day for one week, and an open heart, willing mind and desire to feel phenomenal.

You can get STARTED  today, or anytime you’re ready to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit!

  • To listen to a SAMPLE of Chakra Balance, go HERE!
  • To purchase Chakra Balance, go HERE!
  • Use Chakra Balance every day for one week, post your experiences here or on Aleta’s Facebook page!

Thousands of clients have used Chakra Balance and the benefits are endless! Here’s what several people have told me recently:

“It’s amazing how doing Chakra Balance for just 15 minutes totally sets me up to create a successful day. And I feel phenomenal!”

“Every time I do Chakra Balance, I feel magnificent, powerful and rejuvenated.”

For more, LISTEN to this podcast (below) on chakras and the Chakra Balance challenge.


The power of Chakra Balance (and all my meditations) comes through the energy of my voice; I channel this healing energy and transfer it to you, through these amazing recordings and in my private sessions.

You can do the Chakra Balance Challenge anytime, anywhere, on your own.  But there’s great healing power in group energy, so I welcome you to energetically join the Life Shift community and participate in this challenge TODAY!

Want even more about the power of Chakras in your life? Go HERE to learn more about your chakras and why it’s so important to unblock these amazing energy centers!

For more chakra-focused meditations and programs, go HERE!

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