14-Days to a Love Shift

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You are Your First Love.

Did you know that loving yourself is one of the hardest things to do (unless you are a narcissist)? Think about it. It’s true.

I call February “Love Month” and that’s why I want to kick it off with this 14 day count down to a Love Shift — the focus is entirely on you!!

Every day on my social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) I’ll share Quick Shifts and inspirational Aleta-isms to get to a deeper relationship with your self that leads to attracting more loving and lasting relationships with others.

This hit home for me many years ago while I was leading a spiritual retreat in Bali. During a meditation at the 7 fountains, I asked how can I become a better healer? And a voice came to me from way above as clear as a bell:

Love yourself more.

Interesting, right?  Obviously, I had the loving everyone else down and now it was time to really look at what it meant to love myself more.

In chapter 7 of my book, Life Shift, I describe how we all disconnect from the essence of who we are because of self doubt, criticism and feelings of rejection we hold as our value. We start to feel valueless and stop loving ourselves.

Throughout the next 2 weeks, I’ll be sharing special mantras, energy meditations, baths and rituals to shift you into a place of loving who you are.

Let’s all get ready to Love Shift!


My Love & Blessings to you on your Journey,
Aleta St. James