Shift Happens: Joyfully Engaged at 51

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Hey Life Shifters!

I love this success story! ❤️

Engaged at 51!

When Suzanne and I began working together she was highly accomplished, and had a charismatic personality that would light up a room.

There were dreams she wanted to manifest in her life (as you heard in the video), and she absolutely did! However her deepest dream and desire was to get married and connect with a deep love.

Her previous relationships were not fulfilling; she found the men she was attracting were wounded and had issues with commitment.

In our private sessions, I was able to see (psychically) the wounded pattern from childhood that was lodged in her subconscious. Even though it was not true, she believed that she wasn’t good enough to attract a loving, committed relationship.

We all have deep subconscious imprints on our psyche. It has been said that 90% of how we operate comes from our subconscious mind. With Suzanne, it was crucial to uncover what she really believed about what she could have, clear the trauma that was creating it and shift her into embracing the magnificent women she always was and is.

Once she connected to that sense of self-love, an amazing man that she had known years ago came back into her life and thus the success story of being engaged at 51!

Next is an amazing wedding in Ireland, something I saw would happen to her in this specific relationship. I am happy to say I will be there celebrating this glorious union of love, joy and commitment.

With all her success, Suzanne keeps her energy at a high level through regular private sessions, and using my meditations and intensives.

I can’t wait to see what she manifests next!


My Love & Blessings to you on your Journey,
Aleta St. James

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