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World renowned energy healer, life coach, and author, Aleta St. James, is a testament to her own powerful Life Shift healing system. In 2004, Aleta  made worldwide news when she became the first woman in America to give birth to twins at age 57, demonstrating that her methods of positive energy transformation can truly bring about miracles. Aleta is living proof of her revolutionary Spiritual Fertility concept and women’s ability to ignite personal abundance in their lives no matter what age. 

Throughout her career spanning over four decades, Aleta has studied with the spiritual masters in the temples of southern India and central Brazil, the jungles of Peru, and the heights of Machu Picchu. 

Many of her clients credit her work with helping them reach the top of their professions, as well as transforming their personal lives and manifesting successful pregnancies. She’s maintained clients from the fashion and finance industries, celebrities, and CEOs for years.

She successfully creates miracles for clients in a range of areas, including: attracting loving romantic and personal relationships, career advancement, financial freedom, finding and reigniting life passions, agelessness and fertility. Aleta’s gifts also include working with children and teenagers helping them navigate through parental divorce, self esteem and behavioral issues.




I admire Aleta St. James enormously. I have been inspired by both her story and her principles she teaches. Our work is aligned. I urge you to buy her book; it will change your life
— Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author
Aleta is not only an incredible healer, an empowered woman, and a positive force of energy, but also our trusted mentor that has imprinted incredible gifts upon us. We are forever grateful and humbled for her shared wisdom and we can’t wait until our next session!
— Fraser and Hope Walters
As a result of Aleta’s vast knowledge of the creative arts combined with her energy healing I have been able to overcome insurmountable odds and become a multi-award winning performer. Aleta through her intuitiveness and positivity has and continues to guide me through my personal, financial, and spiritual issues as well. Aleta is simply a Godsend.
— T.S., Los Angeles, CA
Ever wonder how all those successful business moguls, mutli-tasking celebs, and other annoyingly fulfilled people got to where they are? We can’t say we’ve figured it all out, but we’ve definitely uncovered one of their success secrets: Aleta St. James.
— Refinery29
I felt like I was on the ledge with anxiety and worry. Aleta’s private session helped me shift the fear into power. Everything is turning around, and I’m acting it!
— Nicole P, Communications Director, NY


Workshops, Seminars, and Public Speaking

Aleta’s numerous guided meditations, blogs, seminars, and workshops have attracted major attention from notable journalists, such as Katie Couric and Diane SawyerShe has been featured on The Today Show, NBC’s Dateline, Good Morning America and CNN.

She’s been called the “Indiana Jones of the Soul.” Her combined mastery of Eastern and Western practices helped her to create her moving Life Shift healing system.

Aleta gives seminars for corporate clients such as Unilever, Marie Claire, and Equinox. She has also been a featured speaker at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Aleta’s topics for public speaking include:

The journey and joy of creating a child

How to elevate your business using practical and energetic techniques

Fertility: everything a woman over 35 should know

Dating: attracting your energetic match

Agelessness: using your wisdom to cultivate youth

If you’d like to book Aleta, please send a brief description of your event or program with date, time, and location.





Aleta’s Life Shifting retreats are renowned for creating heightened spiritual experiences and massive change. She is known as the Indiana Jones of the soul.

She takes groups on journeys of transformative experiences in high energy vortexes around the world. Her retreats are magic; you will be held in the hands of a master energy healer, and experience the transformative power of the healing energy that gets to the core of releasing negative beliefs. You will be immersed in color, light and sound. It’s not only a life shift, but it’s a life plan of how to get to the next level of your creating your future.

Aleta’s ability to accelerate change comes from her years of studying with masters throughout the world from the heights of the Himalayas to the Peruvian Jungles.

She has lead life-enriching spiritual adventures to such high frequency vortexes like Bali, Thailand, the Yucatan, Maui, and most recently Sedona. If you’re interested in booking Aleta for a retreat, or would like to set up a personalized retreat experience, please contact us.



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