Embrace Agelessness Program


A Message from Aleta:

“When people ask me what’s the secret to being ageless, I tell them this: when your emotions, and mental and spiritual energies are flowing, magical things happen to your body. Twenty years ago I used to proclaim that I was going to live until 120. Now I’m finding there are many people focusing on that number and beyond to 140. In my work, one of the main keys to ageless living is having a passion for life and the things that you do, and the ability to shift negative energy and to transform it into positive action that leads to success. You have more emotional trauma the older you get. There are imprints from childhood that create negative belief systems that can keep showing up in your life. If you haven’t transformed these and shifted these into positive belief systems and creative energy, you can feel old, and beaten down.

We all go through rejection and loss and disappointments, but it’s your ability to not get blocked, feel resentments, and get stuck in an emotional loop, but to clear it, shift out of it into something positive that helps you manifest your miracles.”

-Aleta St James


Aleta’s Agelessness Journey

Aleta, who may be living proof that 50 is the new 30, had no intention of slowing down. Just three days shy of her 57th birthday, she gave birth to twins, and was one of the oldest new mothers in the world.
Aleta is now 70 years old and her twins are 13, and she hasn’t slowed down a beat. When asked her what her secret was, she simply said it was her magical form of ageless energy healing, with a smile and a wink.
— NBC News

Life Shift for agelessness

It is a pleasure to read a book that reaffirms the strength of women, at any age. In her life and in her work, Aleta St. James inspires us to live our dreams, and reminds us that there are no boundaries to desire.
— Joan Lunden, TV Journalist and Author
In her inspiring book, Life Shift, Aleta St. James shows up that it’s possible to live our dreams at any age. And she also provides the operating instructions for making them a reality.
— Christiane Northrup -MD, author of Mother Daughter Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause

The Book: Life Shift, Let Go and Live Your Dreams

Life Shift is the kind of book that transforms you while you’re reading it.

The book outlines Aleta’s one-of-a-kind system for blowing up emotional blocks and realigning your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Life Shift is about inviting rather than pursuing success and recognizing the power of release. Aleta also offers her expert techniques in regenerative organic breathing, physical and emotional release work, color healing, light therapy, focused reflections, power mantras, prayers and blessings, love baths, and support circles.



I loved your agelessness meditations- I’m no longer letting common societal ideas of aging stand in the way of my dreams!
— Ed F, Author
Embrace Agelessness
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Embrace Agelessness Meditation

 Aleta gave birth to twins at 57 years old and still feels and looks strong at 71 years old. This is possible for you, too.

Tap into Aleta’s spiritual fountain of youth with this energy meditation. Forget what your birth certificate says! This meditation provides the essential spiritual nutrition for living agelessly.

With Aleta’s energy transmissions and Power Mantras, you’ll defy the negative programming and limitations that society has conditioned us to believe about aging. The more you work with the program, the more you’ll come into alignment with your body’s natural anti-aging and regeneration. Get ready to wind up!

Agelessness Affirmations
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Agelessness Affirmations

In conjunction with the Embrace Agelessness meditation, these affirmations were designed to sustain a feeling of agelessness. Break free from the confines of society’s views on age, and live freely!

Embrace Agelessness Package
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Embrace Agelessness Package

Aleta created this program for anyone who wants to break free from the societal constraints of what it means to age. Be ageless! You can define your own existence.

This package includes Chakra Balance Meditation, Inner Balance Meditation, Embrace Agelessness Meditation, and Agelessness Affirmations.


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