Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chakras

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Most people who’ve chosen a path of self-discovery in their lives have probably read about or at least heard of one very magical word—chakra.

But don’t let this strange sounding noun fool you: an unrestricted flow of energy through each chakra in your body can lead to more love, joy and vibrant health than you could ever imagine.

But what exactly is a chakra? We are all made up of different kinds of energies: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. In the Eastern tradition, it is believed that people have seven energy centers at specific points in their bodies. These centers are called chakras, which, in ancient Sanskrit, mean “wheels of light.”  Each chakra relates to a particular set of psycho-emotional issues and stores our past experiences, beliefs and emotions related to those issues.

Were you teased mercilessly as a kid? You might have that negative energy stuck in your second chakra. Have you had your heart broken in love? These experiences are energetically held in the fourth chakra. Where do you think your negative blocks reside and how are they limiting your life?

Take a look at this description of each chakra and find out!

 The First Chakra.  When we experience discomfort in this energy center, located in the tailbone, it is related to feelings concerning survival and ability to live in the physical world. If this center is blocked it can become a struggle to meet our most basic emotional and physical needs. We may experience stress in the legs, hip joints, lower back, rectal area and the base of the spine.  But when this center is unblocked we experience our vitality and our ability to attract the material resources we need.

The Second Chakra. 
 Located two inches below the navel, this energy center is associated with our feelings of emotional security, sensuality and sexuality. If it is blocked we may experience a lack of sexual drive and creative expression. Physical discomfort may be felt in the small of the back, pelvic area, sexual organs, bladder and lower intestines. When our energy flows in this area, we feel creative and able to experience joy and love in our lives.

 The Third Chakra. We have the ability to take action to accomplish our goals and receive our rewards when the energy in our third center, just below the breastbone, flows smoothly. If this center is blocked, we feel powerless and ineffective. We may experience dysfunction in the stomach, upper intestine, kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen and middle of the back.

The Fourth Chakra. Located in the middle of the chest, this center deals with issues of the heart.  If it is blocked, we hold on to feelings of rejection, resentment, self-hatred and shame.  The greater the energy that flows through this center, the more we are able to both receive and give love, to forgive ourselves and others.

The Fifth Chakra. This center, located at the base of the throat, is responsible for verbal self-expression. When the energy freely flows through this chakra, we are able to say what we are feeling. We take responsibility for asking for what we need, and the other person then can respond and give the results we want.  If it is blocked, we fear speaking up and using our voice appropriately.

The Sixth Chakra. We are able to understand and draw wisdom from life’s lesson when this energy center, located in the forehead, is unblocked. It is also associated with our insights, intuition and ability to visualize. If it is disturbed, we=2 0are stuck in fixed patterns derived from our past. We are not open to new ideas and do not trust our instincts. Discomfort may be felt in the eyes, ears, nose and brain. It may also effect the pineal and pituitary glands.

The Seventh Chakra. 
This chakra, located at the top of the head, corresponds to issues of faith and trust in a God force and to finding meaning and purpose in life.  It connects us to our spiritual essence, integrating our physical, emotional and cognitive selves with our spirituality. When we approach life from a higher perspective we make choices that are more likely to have positive outcomes.  When we pray or meditate we can feel a spiritual presence within ourselves.

As you work with breathing, relaxation and meditation to unblock these chakras and get an energy flow going-I strongly recommend using my CD Chakra Balance as a guide–it will create a powerful basis for positive energy in all aspects of your life.  It may seem strange at first, but it’s like going to the gym. As you regularly exercise your energy centers, they become stronger and freer and you will feel the restrictions fade away. The dysfunction or discomfort in those parts of your body may disappear. You will embark on a journey of self-discovery.

Be sure to check my Instagram for more on chakras, including my “21 days to energizing, strengthening and aligning your chakras” spiritual gym program.