Life Shift, Let Go and Live Your Dream

I admire Aleta St. James enormously. I have been inspired by both her story and her principles she teaches. Our work is aligned. I urge you to buy her book; it will change your life.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author

Life Shift has been called the Bible of transformation. This book outlines Aleta’s one-of-a-kind system for releasing emotional blocks and realigning your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. 

Aleta takes complex spiritual principles and makes them user-friendly, creating an experience for rapid transformation. Each chapter of the book starts with a story of her spiritual journey that led her to create the concepts that she shares with you in this intimate narrative. Throughout, Aleta teaches you her expert techniques in regenerative organic breathing, physical and emotional release work, power mantras, light therapy, love baths, color healing, prayers and blessings, and support circles. 

Each chapter unfolds another subject of healing- relationships, connecting your feminine and masculine energies, manifesting financial success, and more.

By the end, you will feel positively changed in all aspects of your being. 

Energy medicine is finally coming under serious scientific investigation, and Aleta represents the leading edge…I have had the privilege of experiencing several private sessions with Aleta and she is among the best healers in the world.
— Candace Pert, Author of Molecules of Emotion