New Years Intentions Program

Aleta’s New Years Intentions program is the most popular Life Shifting program she has to offer. Participants have claimed that they have a 90% success rate with this program and have been able to truly manifest miracles in their lives.

Each year, participants send their intentions to Aleta, and on New years Even, she records a meditation and sends healing energy to participants to empower the manifestation of their intentions. She creates an energy vortex that accelerates participants’ ability to vibrate with the desires and achieve their goals more quickly than they ever thought possible.

Energy is stronger as a group; and this program offers the support of like-minded individuals, creating a powerful energy connection that helps shift you into your the next level of your existence.



This program is amazing, it changed my life!
— Allan Wright
Aleta’s New Years Intentions program is amazing. I saw all my goals come to fruition!
— Molly Martin

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