Aleta St. James: Master Energy Healer and Intuitive Life Coach


Aleta is a world-renowned energy healer and life coach. She has successfully created miracles for thousands of clients in a range of areas, including attracting loving romantic and personal relationships, fertility, career advancement, financial freedom, finding and reigniting life passions, agelessness, and more.

In private sessions, Aleta locates energetic blocks in your body and your chakra centers, discusses their effects, and conducts a healing energy where the block is located.

Using breathing release techniques and her channeled healing energy and light, she will help you release the block and clear it. She helps guide you in recreating positive belief systems about yourself and what you can achieve so you can live your deepest dreams, desires and destiny.

The result of a private session is a shift in energy and life force that often astounds her clients- replacing low self esteem and feelings of depression with a sense of enthusiasm for life’s possibilities.

Session Types

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I felt I was on the ledge with anxiety and worry. Aleta’s private session helped me shift the fear into power. Everything is turning around, and I’m acing it! Thank you, Aleta.
— Nicole P. , Communications Director, NY
The amazing shifts I get from Aleta’s private sessions in conjunction with her divine crystal chakra bed blow me away every time!
— Mary Margrill
I felt like Aleta rearranged my soul. Her private sessions are life-changing.
— Erin Mckinnon
I always describe Aleta as the person to go see if you want to create a radical, positive change in your life.
— Jen F., fashion executive, NYC

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