Chakra Balance


Chakra Balance: Aleta’s most popular meditation. If you are feeling offtrack in your relationships, financially stressed, creatively challenged or incapable of turning things around in your career, then the very first thing to do is align your chakras, the seven energy centers in your physical body energy flows through.

This active 15 minute transformative meditation connects your spiritual body with your physical body. Experience Aleta’s healing voice leading you in a visualization of chakra-specific colors, breathing exercises to clear negative blocks and affirmations supported by The Light that empower each chakra while you pulse your body to the beat of healing drums.

By the end of the meditation you’ll feel grounded, focused and magnetic, able to attract the things you want to achieve.

Originally created for the Equinox wellness program and then expanded worldwide, this meditation is an energy power tool you can use daily, whenever you need a boost, to support living your best life and from your highest potential.

Hear a sample of this powerful meditation below:

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