Workshops and Public Speaking

Aleta’s numerous guided meditations, blogs, seminars, and workshops have attracted major attention from notable journalists, such as Katie Couric and Diane SawyerShe has been featured on The Today Show, NBC’s Dateline, Good Morning America and CNN.

She’s been called the “Indiana Jones of the Soul.” Her combined mastery of Eastern and Western practices helped her to create her moving Life Shift healing system, which has enabled her to give powerful and inspiring talks, and impact countless lives.

She partnered with renowned colon therapist and successful author of the book The Piper Protocol, Tracy Piper, for the special event Detox: Physical & Emotional Digestion. She also worked with esteemed author of The Ultimate Body Rolling Work Out and internationally acclaimed body work practitioner Yamuna Zake for The Ultimate Game Changer Workshop.

Aleta gives seminars for corporate clients such as Unilever, Marie Claire, and Equinox. She has also been a featured speaker at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Aleta’s topics for public speaking include:

Spiritual Fertility: Breaking through the blocks keeping you from a successful pregnancy after age 35. Failure is not an option!


Agelessness: The art of regenerating your youthful energy to live your most passionate life well into your 2nd and 3rd Acts. Wind up, not down!

Love 2.0: Uplifting your vibrations to attract your energetic match without relinquishing your authentic self. 

Toxic Relationships Be Gone: Transforming your self-worth to break the cycle of accepting less than what you deserve.

Financial Freedom: Changing your relationship with money to attract more. 

Career: Manifesting the career of your dreams. Nothing is impossible!

Beating the Blues: How to turn hopelessness and fear into unlimited creative possibility. 

In Transition: How to Life Shift through trying times like divorce, loss of job, death, and retirement. 

Parenting and Autism: How to use energetic principals to navigate the emotional terrain of parenting children on the spectrum. 

If you’d like to book Aleta, please send a brief description of your event or program with date, time, and location.


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