Sacred Journeys


Aleta’s Life Shifting retreats are renowned for creating heightened spiritual experiences and massive change. She is known as the Indiana Jones of the soul.

She takes groups on journeys of transformative experiences in high energy vortexes around the world. Her retreats are magic; you will be held in the hands of a master energy healer, and experience the transformative power of the healing energy that gets to the core of releasing negative beliefs. You will be immersed in color, light and sound. It’s not only a life shift, but it’s a life plan of how to get to the next level of your creating your future.

Aleta’s ability to accelerate change comes from her years of studying with masters throughout the world from the heights of the Himalayas to the Peruvian Jungles.

She has lead life-enriching spiritual adventures to such high frequency vortexes like Bali, Thailand, the Yucatan, Maui, and most recently Sedona. If you’re interested in booking Aleta for a retreat, or would like to set up a personalized retreat experience, please contact us.