Additional Spa Services


Experience mental and physical healing with spa services available at Aleta’s Spiritual Suite. Explore the benefits of a deep tissue massage with expert masseuse Rita Cristman or a micro-current session with Seyda Tarabus, designed to help regenerate collagen, improve cellulite, and detoxify from the inside out.

Seyda Tarabus

Combining 25 years of experience in the healing arts with the coaching Anna Marie Colavito, the founder of the Biotic Wave, Seyda brings a unique holistic approach to all of her healing modalities to maximize one’s healing potential.

Not only is Seyda proficient with the Acuscope®, she is also a testament to the true benefits of working with microcurrent to heal the body. Five years ago, Seyda was in a life-altering accident and doctors stated she would never walk again. Understanding the scope of frequency energy medicine, she began to treat herself with the microcurrent devices combined with physical therapy. Within 18 months she was walking on her own, astonishing her doctors and defining a new direction of healing.

Seyda’s practice is focused in Chicago but joins us in New York for one week every month.

Seyda is scheduled to be in New York:

Rita Cristman

Work to release emotional blocks with deep tissue bodyworker Rita Cristman. With over 25 years experience in her private practice in California, Cristman has developed intuitive methods to move energy and open the heart and chakras.

Specializing in grief-release work, Cristman works deeply and gently to relax and transform the body and mind through deep tissue bodywork. She has perfected her craft through her various national workshops on deep tissue and intuitive healing and her close work with Aleta to open clients’ heart chakras. Cristman is also a certified doula birth assistant in California.

While Cristman’s practice is located in California, she joins us in New York for one week every month.

Rita is scheduled to be in New York: