Crystal Healing Bed

Welcome to the Aleta St. James Crystal Healing Bed Experience.

“I’ve worked with Aleta for many years, and working with her and the crystal healing bed has completely accelerated the healing process. It’s astonishing.”

-Caroline Nation, Nutritionist

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$45 – 20 minute session
$85 – 40 minute session

Aleta first experienced the transformative powers of the Crystal Healing bed during her time working with the renowned John of God, (João Teixeira), one of the most powerful mediums and healers in the world. Impressed by Aleta’s healing work, he gave his blessing and she brought two of the beds back to her healing studio in New York City to share with her clients.

During your transformative healing session on the Crystal Healing Bed, seven regenerative colored quartz Vogel crystals penetrate the chakras in each corresponding color frequency. The colors healing vibrations transmit through crystals into each chakra. This helps to release blocked energy and opens each center so it can vibrate at its highest potential.

The unique healing experience is elevated when combined with soothing aromatherapy and Aleta’s healing meditations, focused on loving relationships, financial freedom, health, and personal well being. You’ll feel a deep sense of relaxation, which helps promote overall healing.

Why do your chakras need to be in balance?

When your chakras are balanced you’re able to better align and focus your energy to create positive outcomes in your life. You’re better able to attract more love, financial freedom, success, and fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Balance throughout your chakras helps you focus on your ability to manifest love, abundance, and limitless potential. You can access your spiritual energy in physical form, which will allow you to feel peaceful, calm, and loved. When your chakras are off balance, you may experience stress in the body, compromising your health.

The more balanced your chakras, the more your body is able to align and heal at a deep cellular level.

Come and experience this wonderful transformational healing energy and enter into a realm where you begin to feel that all things are possible!