Private Sessions

Transformational energy healing and life coaching

"I felt like Aleta rearranged my soul. Her private sessions are life-changing." -- Erin McKinnon

Aleta is a world-renowned energy healer and life coach. She successfully creates miracles for clients in a range of areas, including:

Attracting loving romantic and personal relationships
Career advancement
Financial freedom
Finding and reigniting life passions

She also works with young children who are having challenges navigating through the world.

“I always describe Aleta as the person to go see if you want to create radical, positive change in your life.” — Jen F., fashion executive, NYC

In your first session, Aleta will locate energetic blocks in your body and your chakra centers, discuss their effects on your areas of concern, and conduct a powerful healing where the block is located.

Using breathing release techniques and her channeled healing energy and light, she will help you release the block and clear it, and guide you into recreating positive belief systems about yourself and what you can achieve in this world so you can live your deepest dreams, desires and destiny. Aleta’s powerful meditations and intensives are also sometimes used to aid you in your journey.

All sessions are one hour long. In studio, Skype and phone sessions available.

Initial session — $350
Follow-up sessions — $275

Watch the video below for a glimpse at what happens in a private session.

See what Aleta’s clients are saying about her work.



What happens in a private session?Click to Play Video