Shift Happens: Testimonials

In her 35+ year career, Aleta St. James has helped steer captains of industry (many of them women) from all walks of life: law, real estate, politics, media and more. Here, they share their transformational experiences.


I admire Aleta St. James enormously. I have been inspired by both her story and the principles she teaches. Our work is aligned. I urge you to buy her book; it will change your life.

Wayne Dyer


In her inspiring book, Life Shift, Aleta St. James shows up that it's possible to live our dreams at any age. And she also provides the operating instructions for making them a reality.

Christianne Northrup

-MD, author of Mother Daugher Wisdom, The Wisdom of Menopause

I love this book! Aleta's wise and wonderful words draw you in to a new understanding and deep awareness. She has shown me that release and renewal are essential parts of growth.

Carolyn Murphy

-Supermodel, Actress and Mother

What an inspiration! Aleta St. James teaches us how to tap into the universal laws of energy and personal power. She is living proof of all that she promises.

Ann Louse Gittleman

-New York Times Best-Selling author of The Fat Flush Plan

It is a pleasure to read a book that reaffirms the strength of women, at any age. In her life and in her work, Aleta St. James inspires us to live our dreams, and reminds us that there are no boundaries to desire.

Joan Lunden

-TV journalist and author

Energy medicine is finally coming under serious scientific investigation, and Aleta represents the leading edge...I have had the privilege of experiencing several private sessions with Aleta and she is among the best healers in the world.

Candace Pert

-Author or Molecules of Emotion

Aleta St. James has written a gentle, wise book that will help many realize the infinite potential, fulfillment and happiness that lies within.

Larry Dossey

-MD, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

I felt like Aleta rearranged my soul. Her private sessions are life-changing.

Erin McKinnon

[Aleta's] meditation gives me goosebumps, it's so high frequency. My perfect way to stay connected. Thank you so much!

Janna Chandler


I listen to [Aleta's] Meditation every day and it is truly brilliant. I really got that the only thing that is holding me back is my inability to love myself unconditionally, now I'm shifting that. Having your support means the world to me.

Kathy Barrett


I'm listening to the meditation as much as possible and it's great! It's really helping me stay positive and preparing myself to manifest my dreams! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do

Lisa P

Working with Aleta was essential throughout the entire pregnancy process- from getting pregnant; being pregnant; through labor and delivery; to now being a vital force for my family.  I had issues during labor/delivery and Aleta helped safely guide my baby on her birthing journey and miraculously avoided a c-section.  My husband and I fully trust in Aleta to guide us through important life decisions regarding our baby & situations that impact her & our lives. Aleta surrounds herself with the most powerful connections and I've relied on her trusted and impressive network of established professionals for support- ranging from doctors specializing in fertility; acupuncturist; nutritionist; pre/post natal masseuse; to astrologist. I have now built relationships with all of these people and benefited from each of their influence in their respective areas of expertise. In today's world, (especially living in Manhattan), it takes a small army to survive and thrive and there's none better in the world than Aleta's spiritual army!

Kerry L.

Aleta, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done to help me. You are a gift from God.

Amy Katzenberg

-Austin, TX

Aleta, you give so much to so many. Thanks for coaching me and being there for me. When I release and relax and breath, you allow me to be me!

Ed Carter


You have been an integral part of my healing, growing, and developing, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It all has had profound and lasting effects in my life.

Meredith Geller

-Nutritionist NY, NY

Working with your energy meditations has totally grounded me, daily and in multiple situations. Without this work, I could not imagine how I would feel.

Denise Difede

Your book Life Shift speaks to my soul and I feel so connected to your work in many, many ways.

Bobbie Miller

-Holistic health counselor

Aleta St. James has single-handedly enhanced my life in every facet. I am eternally grateful for her tireless energy and her boundless caring and compassion.

Tommy Savitt

-Los Angeles, CA

I want to thank you for the precious gift from you to me, the book and CD are amazing. I am reading a few pages every day. I feel a great relief knowing the areas that I need to work on, which nobody was able to tell me before, and they were just concentrating on my physical body. I consider you as a gift from God to all of us who need your guidance. Blessings from my heart.

Cecilia Garzon


Thank you for shifting with me you really saved the day (again)!

Anne P.

I felt I was on the ledge with anxiety and worry. Aleta’s private session helped me shift the fear into power. Everything is turning around, I’m acing it! Thank you, Aleta

Nicole P.

-Communications Director, NY