Shift Happens: It’s Never Too Late to Dream

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Hi Life Shifters,

As a young child, Adrienne dreamed of being a dancer and singer. Her parents felt, like many parents do, that she needed to make more practical choices for her life: college, then graduate school and an accredited career.

The message they gave Adrienne was “You are not good enough to make any money dancing or singing.”

While Adrienne pursued her academics, she never stopped taking singing and dance lessons. She graduated with a degree in Speech Therapy for children with special needs, got married and had a child. No matter how much satisfaction her work and wonderful family gave her, she always felt creatively uncertain and unfulfilled.

In my first session with Adrienne, I could intuitively see that she had a deep, subconscious belief system that she was not good enough to have followed her dream.

I placed my hands on the part of her body that was imprinted with this negative projection. I channeled gold light into her body. I led her through my Life Shift emotional release process. I cleared her block and shifted her energy with the healing light: She was able to visualize herself being a successful performer.

She and her husband also joined me on one of my very powerful spiritual journeys to Sedona, Arizona.

Three months later, Adrienne was writing song lyrics for special needs children and their parents—songs which would lift them up and give them hope. In March (this month!), Adrienne will be flying to LA to record her album. And of course, she is singing her own songs on that album.

I am so proud and excited for you Adrienne. You Life Shifted. You turned back the hands of time and manifested your dreams in even a bigger way than you ever could have imagined.


My love & blessings to you on your journey,
Aleta St. James