Shift Happens: Don’t Miss This Inspiring Success Story

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Hey Life Shifters,

Kathy Barret has been a client for many years. I have helped Kathy Shift into manifesting many of the dreams she wanted in her life. She participated in my new year intention program and did a private session to follow up with me.

One of her greatest dreams is to write her own book. Kathy was putting other people’s creative dreams ahead of her own and was feeling drained with no energy for herself.

During one of her private sessions, we uncovered that Kathy’s block was, she was feeling a subconscious fear of rejection and failure from an event that happened as a young girl. Because of a very difficult relationship she did not receive the love and support she needed to feel a sense of her self worth, her value, and her amazing talent. She believed that she was not good enough as a result of that relationship in her early years.

In our private session though the power of channeled healing energy, I was able to help her release the trauma, clear it and shift it to creative energy.

The next thing I know I get a text message that she started writing furiously and everything started to come together and her dream of writing Steeple Chase was actually happening.

That just made my heart smile and put octane in my healing tank.

I find that through our most difficult times its important to have someone believe in you and hold the space the for your dreams and visions to manifest.

This success is only the beginning. With the power of my Intentions Program, Kathy’s intentions are in the Vortex and continue to be energized for the whole year.

I can’t wait to see what she does next!


My Love & Blessings to you on your Journey,
Aleta St. James

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