There’s No Such Thing as an

Impossible Dream!

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Aleta St. James

Master Energy Healer and Intuitive Life Coach

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Ever wonder how all those successful business moguls, mutli-tasking celebs, and other annoyingly fulfilled people got to where they are? We can’t say we’ve figured it all out, but we’ve definitely uncovered one of their success secrets: Aleta St. James.

Aleta St. James is a world renowned master energy healer with over 40 years of experience creating groundbreaking and dynamic meditations that have changed countless lives. Combined with her private sessions, Aleta’s powerful meditations can be used daily to create a more relaxed, happy, and fulfilled existence. Her unique energy healing techniques help you clear negative belief systems, and shift into a positive life experience, helping you manifest your deepest dreams and desires. Her mantra is, “There is no such thing as an impossible dream!” and she is a testament to her own work; she manifested her dream of having twins at 57, and at 71, she has more energy than ever.

Working with Aleta and using her meditations is like experiencing vibrational viagra!
— Dr. Robert Veligdan

About Chakra Balance

This powerful active meditation, Aleta will lead you through your seven energy centers using breath, light, and the powerful of healing drums to release negative energy and say positive affirmations to lock in the energy into each chakra.

This energizing, active 15 minute meditation allows you to access the power of your chakras to create what you desire and deserve. This is great spiritual exercise to do every day so you can live in your greatest place of power.

This meditation helps with:

  • Balancing your moods

  • Boosting your energy and confidence

  • Release stress and create a calm state for better decision making

  • Attracting success into your life

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