Spiritual Fertility Program

Dear Life Shifters,

I’m so excited to be presenting my Spiritual Fertility Program to you and making it more accessible to women around the world.  To get you started on your journey, watch the video on this page, and read more about my journey to motherhood at age 57.

I’ve also created an extraordinary Spiritual Fertility Meditation, which you can preview and purchase  in my online store. In addition, we can customize a program for your specific needs, this is created after your first  Private One-On-One Session with me.

Love & Blessings,
Aleta St. James

“Working with Aleta was essential throughout the entire pregnancy process- from getting pregnant; being pregnant; through labor and delivery; to now being a vital force for my family. I refer Aleta to my friends and anyone who is wanting to get pregnant. She’s a miracle worker!” – Kerry Lundgren

“Aleta’s healing energy worked to help my babies grow and be born healthy, even though I was physically challenged. I am eternally grateful to her.” – Brenda E., NY

“Thank you Aleta for guiding me and letting Charlie come into our lives at exactly the right time. “Delayed not denied!” I am forever grateful for your love and support.” – Jennifer Gunsberger

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Unveiling the “Inner Saboteur”

The secret to Aleta’s phenomenal success rates lies in her powerful healing ability, coupled with her renowned intuitive gifts that will unveil your “inner saboteur”, the subconscious emotional and mental blocks that you may not even be aware of, that are impeding you from becoming pregnant. Aleta then channels high frequency spiritual healing energy to rapidly shift the inner saboteur into a positive creative force giving you the edge on having a successful pregnancy.

Maximize your possibilities with Aleta’s proven Spiritual Fertility Program.

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More than anyone, Aleta St. James knows that becoming pregnant and carrying a child to full term can be challenging and daunting. The world-renowned Energy Healer, Life Coach, and successful Author of Life Shift: Let go and Live Your Dream proved there is no such thing as an impossible dream.

When naysayers told her it was nearly impossible at her age to have a baby, she boldly answered “just watch me” and went on to hold her healthy precious twins, Gian and Francesca, in her arms at age 57; It was her life’s greatest dream fulfilled.

Transcending Obstacles and Living Your Dream

Aleta was able to transcend many obstacles harnessing every resource she could find to make her dream of having children a reality. She deeply understands the intensity of every step of the fertility journey and it was having children that made her so passionate about helping others do the same.

Aleta’s personal success, and that of her many clients, compelled her to create her signature Spiritual Fertility Program. This life-shifting program is designed to support women who are challenged in their quest for motherhood—before, during and after pregnancy. The program is customized to each individuals specific needs, and is created after your first private session with Aleta.

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