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Aleta St. James made world news in 2004 when she gave birth to twins at 57, and has since helped hundreds of other women faced with fertility issues conceive and carry out healthy pregnancies around over the world with her groundbreaking Spiritual Fertility Program.

If you’re facing the stress and heartbreak of fertility challenges, this life-shifting program is right for you, and will support you before, during and after your pregnancy.

Aleta knows that becoming pregnant and carrying a child to term can be challenging. She also proved there is no such thing as an impossible dream. Aleta will help you manifest motherhood and shift you into alignment with your ideal pregnancy experience.



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I really feel in my heart that Aleta’s color visualizations helped. I can finally see the image of my child sitting cross-legged with her arms resting on her legs looking, patient.
— Beth, New York
Working with Aleta was essential throughout the entire pregnancy process- from getting pregnant; being pregnant; through labor and delivery; to now being a vital force for my family. I refer Aleta to my friends and anyone who is wanting to get pregnant. She’s a miracle worker!
— Celine P. -Geopolitical Analyst, Paris
Aleta’s healing energy worked to help my babies grow and be born healthy, even though I was physically challenged. I am eternally grateful to her.
— Brenda K
Thank you Aleta for guiding me and letting Charlie come into our lives at exactly the right time. “Delayed not denied!” I am forever grateful for your love and support.
— Jennifer Gunsberger

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Private Session with Aleta

The most personalized and powerful experience in the Spiritual Fertility Program. 

“When I’m working with women, even if they’ve been through multiple rounds of IVF, I find there's a subconscious fear: they’re worried about their partner, about their finances, about if they’ll be a bad mother…These fears create a emotional block at the subconscious level that prevents the pregnancy from happening on the physical level. 

So no matter how much time, effort and money you spend on doctors and IVF treatments, your chances of becoming pregnant are slim if you’re holding onto a subconscious block. In these sessions, I help you release your blocks and create the vibrational rate you need to welcome a baby into your life.”

In addition to energy work, Aleta can provide you with a network of cutting edge doctors, acupuncturist, nutritionists, and body workers that support you in a holistic approach.

Spiritual Fertility Meditation
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Spiritual Fertility Meditation
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Spiritual Fertility Meditation

Aleta’s extraordinary Spiritual Fertility meditation is a deep dive into clearing subconscious blocks that are inhibiting your success, shifting them to a positive belief system that will open your energetic field to pregnancy. You’ll release any doubts, fears and uncertainties that the fertility journey often brings up, and become aligned with the divine feminine energies that can lead to a successful pregnancy.

Aleta lifts your subconscious blocks out of your cellular memory and psyche with her acclaimed healing transmissions, and along with breath, light, and color immersion will align you with the experience you want to create in your pregnancy.

Spiritual Fertility Package
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Spiritual Fertility Package
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Fertility Spiritual Prescription

As a master energy healer and intuitive life coach, Aleta creates customized programs to each individual’s specific needs.

Included in this package is the Chakra Balance meditation, a one-on-one session with Aleta, the Divine Feminine meditation trilogy, and the Spiritual Fertility meditation.



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