Dreams, Desires, And Destiny Fulfilled

Dreams, Desires, And Destiny Fulfilled


Aleta is dedicated to unlocking ancient energy secrets that have led hundreds to manifesting their deepest dreams, desires, and destiny. Listening to Aleta’s healing voice relaxes you at a profoundly  deep level, allowing negative core belief systems are released at their subconscious core. 

The result is feeling more loving and powerful towards yourself and in your relationships with others. Her clients are amazed at massive positive outcomes happen in romantic relationships, massive financial flow and exciting inspired careers. 

This transformative intensive will guide you on the path to manifesting your deepest dreams, desires, and destiny. Aleta’s healing voice takes you on an inward journey where you clear emotional blocks that hinder you from seeing possibilities and achieving your goals. This entrancing meditation series will fill those emotional voids with peace, joy, and love, giving you the energy and drive for manifestation. This intensive has allowed hundreds to manifest their dreams in relationships, finances, and career.

This intensive is a combination of Aleta speaking love and sharing her divine wisdom she has gathered through years of studying with spiritual experts, unlocking ancient energy secrets, and revitalizing color infused meditations 

In part one, Aleta focuses on the “I am” or God consciousness, guiding you into an emotional space of freedom, allowing you to access your higher self and fullest potential. This section contains an extended version, and a quick shift.

In part two, Aleta dives deep into your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and guides your through and assessment of your belief systems and where you’re holding onto blocks. She moves feelings of fear, pain, and anger into a state of love that elevates you to a higher sense of consciousness. She uses toning to help clear your energy and awaken a sense of unconditional love. 

This meditation also includes 528Htz resonance to connect you with your heart center and helps you evolve in consciousness to the state of self-realization.

Part two also includes a quick shift meditation.

In part three, Aleta guides you into the fifth dimension of god consciousness where there is no limitation. Her healing voice helps you accelerate into self-acceptance and self-love. She guides you through the changes happening in your life as a result of following this intensive. She gives you powerful mantras to help you with renewal and rebirth into your new existence. 

In part four, Aleta focuses in on your sense of purpose and destiny, and helps your enhance your resilience with her unique healing energy vibrations.  She opens doors into your potential, helping you see your purpose in a broader sense in terms of global consciousness. Using color immersion, she connects you to the energies of higher will and abundance, and the cosmic mother.

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