Spiritual Fertility Package

Spiritual Fertility Package

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A Message From Aleta

From my own experience, and after helping countless women get pregnant, I have created the spiritual fertility program in order to fast-track women to success in their quest to become pregnant and hold their babies in their arms.

When I’m working with women, even if they’ve been through many IVFs, I find that there’s a subconscious fear if they’re worried about their partner, finances, if they’ll be a bad mother- all these things create an emotional snubsoncscious block that doesn’t allow the pregnancy to take place. As much as you are consciously work and spend loads of money on doctors and IVF, you cannot be successful if you’re holding onto a subconscious block. I can help you release these blocks and get to a place where you can welcome a baby into your life.

I also work with an extensive network of doctors to help aid fast tracking women to who are having fertility issues to success. It’s not just energy healing; I look at the entire picture and with an intuitive assessment. Together, we can connect the four bodies- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual- in harmony, and create the your own personal successful fertility journey.

Included in this package:

One-on-one session with Aleta

You will be prompted to fill out the contact form to schedule a private session with Aleta. In person, phone, Skype, and Facetime sessions are all available.

Chakra Balance

The foundation of spiritual fertility is Chakra Balance. In order to welcome in your child, it’s important that all your chakras are vibrating at their highest potential. The bottom three chakras are most dense and hold the most trauma from childhood; we must work to release fear that has been stored in these chakras, and transform that energy to vibrate to a higher lever of love so that they can work in conjunction with the higher chakras. Your lower chakras are essential in the mind body connection in terms of pregnancy; you emotions play a major part in your over-all health, and therefore play a huge part in your ability to conceive.

This energizing, active 15 minute transformative meditation connects your spiritual body with your physical body. A combination of breath, light work, and affirmations shift energy in your chakras and put you in your highest level of manifestation. This meditation allows you to access the power of your chakras to create what you desire and deserve.

Aleta’s healing transmission comes through her voice and the healing music, and accelerates your ability to shift. This is great to do every day so you can live in your greatest place of power.

Divine Feminine Trilogy

The Divine Feminine Trilogy meditation series opens you to self-forgiveness, deservedness, and receiving support. This trilogy includes a PDF that guides you through the meditation intensive, as well as the following guided meditations:

Volume 1: This meditation focuses on self-love, forgiving yourself, and your ability to feel worthy. Aleta works with the “relax and receive” matra to guide you.

Volume 2: In this section, Aleta guides you to let go of an addiction to struggle and let go of personal negative story, and shift to an attitude of gratitude.

Volume 2 toning: This section helps reinforce parts one and two and clear deep-rooted issues. The healing vibrations help align you with divine feminine.

Volume 3: In this meditation, Aleta moves you into a sense of community to receive support from like-minded individuals vibrating at the same frequency. She helps peel back layers of self-doubt and move past limitations that put you in a state of fear, and transforms them to love.

Volume 3 toning: This section helps reinforce part three with healing affirmations and mantras.

Spiritual Fertility Meditation

Aleta’s extraordinary Spiritual Fertility meditation will guide you through a powerful healing experience that will release any doubts, fears and uncertainties that the fertility journey often brings up, and align you with divine feminine energies that can lead to a successful pregnancy.

This meditation is a deep dive into clearing subconscious blocks that are inhibiting your success, and shifting them to a positive belief system that will allow you to open your energetic field to pregnancy. Aleta lifts those subconscious blocks out of your cellular memory and psyche with her acclaimed healing transmissions, using breath, light, and color immersion to align you with the experience you want to create in your pregnancy.


“Thank you Aleta for guiding me and letting Charlie come into our lives at exactly the right time. “Delayed not denied!” I am forever grateful for your love and support.” – Jennifer Gunsberger

“Working with Aleta was essential throughout the entire pregnancy process, from getting pregnant, being pregnant, through labor and delivery to now being a vital force for my family.” – Celine P.

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