Take Aleta’s “Transform Your Inner Grinch” Holiday Challenge!

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The Aleta St. James 30-Day “Transform Your Inner Grinch*” Challenge Is Here! It’s Aleta’s gift to you, and will continue each week throughout the holidays.

Below is your daily “Grinch-be-gone” challenge ’to do’ list for Week 1. These tools are all about helping you shift into Appreciation and Gratitude! I encourage you to share your experiences and connect with others throughout this challenge, leave your comments and questions.

Be sure to check out this page or Aleta’s Life Shift Facebook page every Monday for your new weekly Grinch-be-gone challenge list!


Day 1: Quick Shift Meditation: Visualize a hot pink orb of light 6 inches above your head. Take a deep breath in as you inhale, and feel the Radiant Rays downpouring a feeling of unconditional love into every cell of your body. Use this mantra: “I Am Loved. I am Blessed.” Say it to yourself many times throughout the day.

Day 2: Make saying ‘thank you’ a habit today, say it often, and with joy. See how your day shifts as a result of these two simple words.

Day 3: Shift any feelings of lack you may be feeling by focusing on all that you DO have today and FEEL it expanding.

Day 4: Look for the hidden opportunity in any challenge today. Identify it, and start to focus on the good that can come from this challenge.

Day 5: Bless yourself and everyone you see with a smile of radiant white light. Use this mantra: “The God in Me Salutes the God in you.”

Day 6: Replace any fear you feel today with gratitude. The two cannot co-exist, so which one would you rather feel?

Day 7: Choose one thing about yourself to appreciate today. Write it down. Focus on it all day.

Your INNER GRINCH is a personality inside you that takes away your joy. The secret weapon to transforming your Grinch is Appreciation and Gratitude! Starting Nov. 26, join Aleta for the 30 Day “Transform Your Inner Grinch” challenge, you’ll get quick, easy and Inspirational Life Shifting Tools to help Shift negative feelings about yourself, life, and others through the energy of Appreciation and Gratitude. You will feel more positive and excited about living life. It’s Aleta’s HOLIDAY GIFT to you, so please share this post with your friends and loved ones!

* Aleta’s powerful Appreciation and Gratitude webinar is still available for purchase at anytime. For further details please contact Aleta@aletastjames.com.