Time to Head to the Spiritual Gym with Chakra Balance

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I’m excited to start this new year with you my Life Shift Community, both seasoned and new! Welcome!

2019 represents a totally new perspective on being a Life Shifter. We’re in a major paradigm change now, and all of our physical bodies need to catch up. How? By heading to the spiritual gym and strengthening our energy core: our chakras. 

When your chakras resonate to this new energy paradigm and vibrate to this higher manifesting consciousness, the world around you will reflect the truth and expansiveness of who you are. Consistently creating this balance is what life shifting is all about.

To get you on the Manifesting Express, I’ve created
two 21-day plans to energize, align and strengthen your 7 chakras.
One for general tune ups, and another for those on their journey to realizing their dreams of having a baby.

Find me on Instagram @aleta_stjames @spiritualfertility to follow along throughout January!

You can get a sample of Chakra Balance and find out Everything You Wanted to Know About Chakras on my blog.

By the end of your series, you will be more open to:

financial freedom
attracting the soulmate who complements you

and any other dreams and desires you have. 

My channeled energy transmissions and techniques will also make the time you spending listening to Chakra Balance that much more powerful.  If you don’t yet have my transformative 15-minute Chakra Balance meditation, get it here

And I strongly encourage and invite you to also work with me in a private session during this challenge to maximize and accelerate your Life Shift in 2019!